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  • adj. superlative form of perky: most perky.


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  • Instead of talking about the mechanical superiority of their latest cars, manufacturers hired the sexiest, perkiest breasted young women they could find to writhe, lean and lick their lips next to their new products.

    Judith Acosta: How Marketers Capitalize On Your Fear: Confessions Of An Ex-Ad-Woman

  • The background: If you find Kylie's almost relentless determination to be the perkiest pop girl on the planet – and at the age of 42, no less – a tad wearying, then you need Rosanna, who sounds as though she's permamently in the throes of an existential crisis, and is only 22.

    Rosanna (No 826)

  • Get ready for the perkiest acoustic album you'll ever here.

    Album review: Justin Bieber, "My Worlds Acoustic"

  • I'm sure that Applegate will certainly have the perkiest boobs in the retirement home because she will live a long and hilarious life.

    Archive 2008-08-01

  • I also saw a very cute topless teenage girl with the perkiest imaginable breasts while walking around Lake Meade.

    Happy Hour Roundup

  • - Were you ever the perkiest member of your high school and/or college pep-squad?

    News Blues

  • Sorry for the short notice, but Rachel Ray, the world's perkiest cookbook author, TV show host, food linguist, and foodie phenomenon will be featuring a recent visit to Long Island wine country on her show this morning (10 a.m. on ABC).

    The New York Cork Report:

  • And the teenagers who work there remain the nicest, perkiest, helpfulliest David Archuleta and Carrie Underwood clones you could find this side of Stepford.

    Ken Levine: "I'm Going to Disneyland!"

  • College students who score super-high in happiness seldom have the GPAs to match; the very perkiest adults are usually out-earned by their more even-keel colleagues; and a company filled with nothing but smiling faces runs the risk of playing second fiddle to one staffed with less-upbeat folks.

    Happy Talk

  • She was wearing tight black jeans that hugged her legs like a second skin, and even though most of his brain was busy trying to find a way out of the mess their two stars had landed them in, a small, primitive part of his mind was noticing that she had the pertest, perkiest damn butt he'd ever seen.

    Hot For Him


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