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  • n. A permanent ban on a user.
  • v. To ban (a user) permanently.


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perma- +‎ ban


  • And what about a permaban of airplanes images (without tits, of course)?

    Fairey Gannet | My[confined]Space

  • If you could, some of you could get indignant, and help be a part of ending these draconian policies like linking a permaban from the forums for speech to permabanning the world and stripping of assets.

    Proceed and Permit

  • Now, if you persist in communist apologetics, attempting to characterize it as anything other than the misery and death it has wrought upon the human race, and continue this trolling with this extremist point of view, you are looking at a permaban.

    Conservapedia - Recent changes [en]

  • I got notice in a reply to a support ticket appeal of not only a rejection of the appeal, but an "indefinite suspension" (a permaban) from the JIRA.

    World of SL

  • I then went immediately, with only one forum ban of 7 days and one forum warning, to a permaban from the forums because I said ...

    World of SL

  • Any kind of 'useless' comment will result in a permaban?

    Releaselog |

  • I have helped to get several people banned for this type of thing, and in one case they actually did forward an email to me stating the action they took (in this case permaban - person got drunk, so his friends say, started a little tirade, then moved it to trade when I called him on it), despite the fact that they said in-game that they wouldn’t tell me the outcome.

    assholes in WoW, who knew? « Love | Peace | Ohana

  • oh he will also most likely offer to make you a website lol I've been telling gather admins for 2 months that he's infract in IRC but no one will permaban him

    GotFrag eSports Stories


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