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  • n. Plural form of permafrost.


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  • Similarly, the permafrosts of Siberia and Canada are beginning to thaw and release huge quantities of greenhouse gases that could further heat our planet.

    The Future History of the Arctic by Charles Emmerson; After the Ice by Alun Anderson; True North by Gavin Francis

  • Thawing of the tundra permafrosts releases methane, increases greenhouse gas and increases global heating.

    Bianca Jagger: Now Is the Time to Move Beyond Petroleum

  • BTW, even though albedo feedbacks from diminishing ice/snow in general can clearly not be anywhere near as important as at the end of a glacial, it is not absent; the arctic sea and arctic permafrosts are still connected to the climate.

    Hansen and Schmidt: Predicting the Past? « Climate Audit

  • Similarly, a melting of the permafrosts in Siberia could release enough methane to catapult us past the worst IPCC projections.

    The Full Feed from

  • Given the other evidence for warming -coordinated tropical glacial recession (often despite increased precip, according to the NAS report) and temperate glacial recession, substantially shortened surface freeze season in the arctic permafrosts (this is becoming problematic of high-latitude oil exploration), decreasing arctic ice cover, greater upwards trends seen at high latitudes where there is less urbanization, to mention just a few, I frankly dont see any weight worth considering to the argument that warming trends are a result of UHI effects and not a real global warming.

    Letter to NAS « Climate Audit


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