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  • n. A topical insecticide, C21H20CL2O3, used to treat head lice and nits, scabies, and various species of ticks.

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  • n. A synthetic insecticide, C21H20Cl2O3, used to treat head lice, nits, scabies, and in flea collars.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

per- + (res)methrin, a pyrethroid (resm-, of unknown origin + (pyr)ethrin).


  • For example, many concentrated "spot-on" flea medications contain a pesticide called permethrin, which can cause skin and eye irritation, rashes, inflammation and neurological symptoms.

    Sloan Barnett: Living Green: Focus on Fido

  • Pesticides called permethrin and malathion can also be problematic for lice treatment.

    The Center for Public Integrity: A Crawling Issue: Head Lice Treatments Worse Than The Pest Itself?

  • Just like lice, scabies is treatable with a topical medicated cream called permethrin.

    You Raising Your Child

  • The study focused on a chemical called permethrin, one of the pyrethroid pesticides, commonly used in agriculture and to kill termites, fleas and household bugs, says lead author Megan Horton of the Columbia Center for Children's Environmental Health. News

  • The association issued the warning over the use of permethrin, which is described as a common insecticide found in many flea and tick medications that can be bought over the counter by pet owners.

    CBC | Top Stories News

  • In general, cotton absorbs more emulsion while insecticides such as permethrin, lambdacyhalothrin, and alphamethrin are less insecticidal on cotton than on the synthetics.

    4. Planning

  • I will have to try the permethrin spray next time I come across it.

    How Bad is DEET?

  • Apply insect repellants that contain DEET and permethrin

    Lyme Disease

  • He shakes his head and writes me a prescription for permethrin.

    Dirty Secret

  • A week after the first permethrin treatment, we do the second one.

    Dirty Secret


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