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  • The end of the permian was a global drought/famine on steroids, but I've always wondered, did it last millions or only thousands of years?

    Life's Time Capsule: Making of Karoo Sunset

  • Still missing a huge amount of terrestrial life, that 400 million years worth of giant dragon flies from the carboniferous, permian reptiles, mammal like reptiles from the triassic, ice age megafaunas, giant South American terror birds, and so on.

    The Conscience of John Mark Reynolds Speaks... - The Panda's Thumb

  • If you then add into the equation that the natural record shows various cataclysm events the permian and cretacous extinctions are both primarily linked to asteroids/comets originating outside of earth that had a huge hand in changing the course of organismal life, it seems like there would be plenty of room to believe God was directing things along a certain path.

    Your Creation Museum Report « Whatever

  • It's permian rock, and geologists and archaeologists come out to study various things like petroglyphs and other things.

    Archive 2006-11-01

  • Lest no one forget the obscure little mesosaurus: remember that it was found in early permian rocks both on the eastern coast of So.

    Down with phyla! (episode II) - The Panda's Thumb

  • The most famous of these organisms was mesosaurus, not because of its skull but because the fossils of this flimsy fish eating crocodile shaped organism were found in early permian strata on both the west coast of africa and the east coast of so. america.

    Report on the 2005 Creation Mega Conference, Part Four - The Panda's Thumb

  • The caricature of a black panther snarled at the passing cars on the highway and temporary letters spelled out pounce permian.

    Best Kept Secrets

  • There are geologists who consider it as of permian age.

    VII. With a Mule Train Across Nhambiquara Land

  • Along the upper Sepotuba, in the region of the rapids, there were sandstones, shales, and clays of permian age.

    VII. With a Mule Train Across Nhambiquara Land

  • Prior to that around 250million years ago during the permian-triassic transition, 96% of the life in the ocean became extinct and approx again 70% of that on land.

    Greenpeace UK - Comments


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