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  • n. A permanent employee.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

Diminutive of permanent with -ie.


  • I'm furious that ISS and MultiCor want to use lethal weapons on their hapless permie charges because they want better treatment and political freedom.


  • Australian rain or mould or possums could leave you empty-handed the first year, but your new permie persimmon friends will almost certainly forgive you, and the creative thinking required to succeed will make for some good Autumn memories.

    Permaculture Research Institute of Australia

  • In the interim to all this usage of SuSE the IT contracting market slumped and I was forced to close my business and get a permie job (where I find myself today, a year later).


  • It's all too easy to obtain an 'online agreement in principle' only to find that, after a nerve wracking two weeks wait, you're rejected when the underwriter realises you are not a permie or asks you to show accounts (which clearly won't reflect what you truly earn - otherwise you need a new accountant!!)


  • At first it seems unfair, but contractors have to pay their own pension, don't have any job security, don't get paid leave, don't get sick pay or any other permie benefits.

    Army Rumour Service

  • In IT, for example (before the credit crunch), contractors would earn double or more than their permie equivalents.

    Army Rumour Service

  • I am looking at a excellent chance to get the permie position in my department, and the job starts in early Jan 2009 also my decision to boost my knowledge and skills in the very smart brain of mine, to attend University - part time to do Business Informatics in part of my role at my department and it will be most definitely the highlight of the beginning to my new career.

  • Over a 48 week year, the contractor would make more than twice as much as the permie.

    IT Management from


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