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  • adj. Permitted; allowable: permissible tax deductions; permissible behavior in school.

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  • adj. permitted.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adj. That may be permitted; allowable; admissible.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Proper to be permitted or allowed; allowable.
  • Synonyms Lawful, legitimate, proper.

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  • adj. that may be accepted or conceded
  • adj. that may be permitted especially as according to rule


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  • Besides, the word permissible (exousia) is found 10 times in 1 Corinthian and 18 times in all other epistles.

    1 Corinthians 6:12

  • On the other hand, he had, after his own fashion, taken pains with his education: Vladímir Nikoláitch spoke French capitally, English well, and German badly; but it is permissible to let fall a German word in certain circumstances -- chiefly humorous, -- "_c'est même très chic_," as the Petersburg Parisians express themselves.

    A Nobleman's Nest

  • There are special cases … Muslims may respond in kind if infidels have targeted women and children and elderly Muslims, [or if] they are being invaded, [or if] the non-combatants are helping with the fight, whether in action, word, or any other type of assistance, [or if they] need to attack with heavy weapons, which do not differentiate between combatants and non-combatants … Now that we know that the operations were permissible from the Islamic point of view, we must answer or respond to those who prohibit the operations from the point of view of benefits or harms …

    Inside Al-Qaeda’s Hard Drive

  • I don’t claim to be a professional philosopher — I work for a living — so I cannot post directly as to whether his argument that the logic behind the pro-choice movement, which he supports, also leads to the conclusion that infanticide should also be permissible, is an ethical violation or not.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Street Preacher Arrested in England for Public Statements That Homosexuality is a Sin

  • Finally: Is arguing with Cons they ain’t “conservative” by any conventional definition of the word permissible, but only if one invokes the insanity defense?

    Coyote Blog » Blog Archive » Best Line of the Week

  • As a consequence of this uncertain legal framework, military psychologists do not have binding or even adequate guidance concerning what interrogation techniques are permissible, which is a critical flaw in the current situation that APA must address.

    Psychologist participation in interrogations at US detention centers: The Moratorium fight goes on

  • But whether the permissible is the same thing as the ideal remains a fascinating question.

    Vegetarians are “supremely un-Jewish” | Jewschool

  • The effect of any saving in the ashes, that is, the permissible ash to be allowed in the fuel purchased, is determined by the point at which the cost of handling, combined with the falling off in the evaporation, exceeds the saving of fuel cost through the use of poorer coal.

    Steam, Its Generation and Use

  • Of these explosives, the 17 given in the following list have passed all the test requirements set forth, and will be termed permissible explosives.

    Transactions of the American Society of Civil Engineers, vol. LXX, Dec. 1910 Federal Investigations of Mine Accidents, Structural Materials and Fuels. Paper No. 1171

  • We noted in Stanson that although there are some communications or activities that clearly fall within one of these categories or the other, under some circumstances it may be necessary to examine the "style, tenor, and timing" of a communication (id. at p. 222 & fn. 8) in order to determine whether it should be characterized as permissible or impermissible.

    Election Law


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