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  • n. (of cells) Susceptibility to infection.
  • n. permittivity


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  • The expanded EPC were verified to be functionally competent by permissivity to B19 parvovirus infection.

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  • Shaviro then pinpoints where he feels Zizek's gone wrong, adding that "the denunciation of 'hedonist permissivity' is certainly not the way to go - Zizek's loathing for this, like the similar loathings on the part of fundamentalist Christians and Jihadist Muslims, is a false response, based upon a misrecognition of the basic problem."

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  • Also, atheism / agnosticism is not about permissivity and lack of morals.

  • The permissivity of decidual tissue was also evaluated by histoculture.

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  • The main objectives of this study were to investigate the permissivity of the decidual cells to cell-free HIV-1 and to identify potential HIV-1 target cells.

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  • To evaluate the permissivity of the decidual tissue to HIV-1 infection, the histoculture model

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  • In contrast, their role in the control of viral transmission remains to be defined, particularly question of the permissivity of these mucosal cells to HIV-1 infection.

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  • Waving his pasty arms and tugging at increasingly soggy, proletarian grey T-shirt, Žižek tells me a favourite parable about "the falsity of permissivity": "Say you are a little girl and I am a totalitarian father. news, business, sport, the Daily Telegraph newspaper, Sunday Telegraph


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