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  • v. Present participle of permutate.


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  • Law schools teach the Langdellian approach: The logic in a legal case is teased out by permutating facts and interpreting it against the written law.

    Marilia Duffles: Minding The Heart Is Jurisprudent

  • It is the mixed methods—very much those of an installation artist, perhaps,—the mixed methods of an investigation of lyric practice, a commitment to a certain, twisted narrative line, an increasingly sophisticated political acuity, all these things criss-crossing and permutating and percolating, that might confuse a newcomer to his work.

    Presenting Anselm Berrigan

  • It had been discovered that, below a certain very high number, permutating a set of independent elements did not produce a sequence that was strictly random.

    The Grand Wheel

  • In both he uses the same techniques of permutating syllables and joining items not by their center (denotative meaning) but by their edges (sound and connotation).

    The D-S Expedition: Part I

  • The permutating lock that can be turned and locked as many different ways as there are minutes in a year,

    Notes, 90–99

  • You can then get the keyword groupings emailed to you in CSV format. keyword phrase generator that generates phrases by permutating the terms you enter; a keyword list cleaner that helps you strip funky characters, numbers or irrelevant keywords from a list; and a PPC keyword wrapper that wraps and exports keywords with broad, phrase, exact or negative match characters. - Home Page RSS

  • Occupying new buildings, joining a host of ever-permutating chains and pioneering neighborhoods across the five boroughs, the roster of just-launched properties offers visitors a wide selection in price and style. - News

  • They must stick where they are, permutating Catholics and Protestants, loyalists or republicans of various intensity, in pact after pact - but they can't throw either set of rascals out.

    The Guardian World News

  • They thought they were going to write literary blogs and now they find themselves endlessly permutating cock, cunt and cum.

    Friday Fun: This spam is ham

  • Content isn’t one linear, easily controllable thing anymore, it is a myriad of inter-referencing, constantly evolving masses of permutating stories in the hands of writers, viewers and users.

    July — 2009 — SUb


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