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  • adj. Of or pertaining to permutation

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  • pertaining to, or of the nature of, permutation.


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permutation +‎ -al


  • The result was, however, that Boltzmann rethought the basis of his approach and in 1877b produced a conceptually very different analysis, which might be called the permutational argument, of equilibrium and evolutions towards equilibrium, and the role of probability theory.

    Boltzmann's Work in Statistical Physics

  • The problem with this argument is that, for some of the permutational effects you mention, a local bias will linger on in the record for quite some time before the environment slips back to its mean value and the sensitivity coefficients converge on their asymptotic value.

    WSJ: House Energy report on the "mutual admiration society" « Climate Audit

  • That is another permutational flavor to test in a sensitivity analysis.

    Bender on Hurricane Counts Continued « Climate Audit

  • Even though all commentators agree on the importance of these two papers, there is still disagreement about what Boltzmann's claims actually were, and whether he succeeded (or indeed even attempted) in avoiding the reversibility objection in this new permutational argument, whether he intended or succeeded to prove that most evolutions go from less probable to more probable states and whether or not he (implicitly) relied on the ergodic hypothesis in these works.

    Boltzmann's Work in Statistical Physics

  • During this period, he abandoned the permutational argument, and went back to an approach that relied on a combination of the ergodic hypothesis and the use of ensembles.

    Boltzmann's Work in Statistical Physics

  • The permutational argument is only discussed as an aside, and the ergodic hypothesis is not mentioned at all.

    Boltzmann's Work in Statistical Physics

  • "transmorfations," which were simple handwritten permutational poems.

    dbqp: visualizing poetics


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