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  • v. Present participle of permute.


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  • This dynamic -- technology permuting culture -- is pervasive throughout our collective experience.

    Judith Acosta: How To Defend Yourself Against The Media’s Fear Tactics

  • You can taste the fruits of ecstatic Kabbalah fairly quickly if you devote even a single night to it -- but you do need to devote the whole night, permuting letters and allowing the mind to free itself up.

    Jay Michaelson: An Introduction To Kabbalah, Part 4: Kabbalah As A Spiritual Practice

  • Gentzen showed that instances of the rule of cut can be eliminated from derivations by permuting them upward until they reach points at which the derivation starts.


  • This property has profound effects on cut elimination: in permuting cut up, Gentzen had to restore the original contexts (the Γ's and Δ's) through weakenings and contractions.


  • Consider a social welfare function which is defined on distributions of income and is symmetrical (i.e., permuting the income of two individuals leaves social welfare unchanged).

    Economics and Economic Justice

  • With an infinite horizon, it is essentially impossible to combine the Pareto criterion and anonymity (permuting the utilities of some generations does not change social welfare) in a fully satisfactory way, even when utilities are perfectly comparable.

    Economics and Economic Justice

  • Notationally, these steps amount to padding predicate symbols with extra arguments, omitting some arguments, as well as permuting and regrouping the arguments.

    Combinatory Logic

  • The mutations are made by permuting keys in the layout, with a 50% chance of swapping two keys, a 25% chance of swapping three, a 12.5% chance of four, and so on.

    Boing Boing: June 30, 2002 - July 6, 2002 Archives

  • We may also bring it, if we please, into Barbara, by permuting the major premiss once more, so as to obtain the contrapositive of the original --

    Deductive Logic

  • They are part of a complex structured network of qualia, and permuting just one small part of the network destroys the original shape and structure of the network -- and when the network's shape and structure is radically changed, the original meanings of the perceptions and the qualia within it are obliterated.

    The Full Feed from


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