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  • n. Plural form of peroxide.
  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of peroxide.


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  • Lifespans could well be shorter, both because of UV-produced mutations and also because oxygen radicals have been implicated in cell death - a higher oxygen content probably means more of the trace nasties like tropospheric ozone and peroxides which could directly lead to this kind of effect.

    mikandra: help me speculate

  • Her nose was sore from not being wiped and from peroxides that accumulated in her suit.

    Who Do You Say I Am

  • The indirect effects of UV-B radiation on plants can also cause damage by the formation of free radicals and peroxides [20].

    Effects of ultraviolet-B on forest vegetation in the Arctic

  • There are a number of tests, including those of organic acids and cardiometabolic stress testing as well as tests for oxidative stress 8 OHDG, or lipid peroxides, that help your doctor personalize treatment and monitor your progress.

    The UltraMind Solution

  • Again, he was accused of going to beauty supply stores, buying some of these peroxides, something that could be used to build these bombs.

    CNN Transcript Sep 26, 2009

  • Reactions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) produced high concentrations of ozone and peroxides that are harmful to human and ecosystem health.

    Impacts of air pollution on local to global scale

  • Around the same period, the first high oxidant concentrations (the complex mixture of ozone, peroxides and other products of the reactions of organics and nitrogen oxides are called oxidants) were more and more frequently occurring in Europe during stagnant meteorological conditions.

    Impacts of air pollution on local to global scale

  • Not only ozone and peroxides, but also extra OH radicals, are formed.


  • Cut to the skyscrapers of Dubai, where Leo peroxides his hair and looks like a Brady Bunch rerun.

    Leo���s Goatee and Russell���s Gut Can���t Save Ridley���s Scorched Bore

  • On Dave Farber's Interesting People list, a chemistry grad student posts his analysis of the implausibility of mixing acetone peroxides in and airplane out of ingredients smuggled aboard (his caveat: "I'm working entirely off of news reported by people who don't know the difference between soft drinks and nail polish remover, but the information I've seen has the taste of being real.")

    Boing Boing: August 13, 2006 - August 19, 2006 Archives


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