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  • verb Third-person singular simple present indicative form of perpetuate.


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  • The argument then continues that using the term perpetuates the implicit sexism that led to the existence of the term in the first place.

    What distinguishes each form of feminism from the other?

  • "Our results imply that these punitive attitudes may be evoked by use of the 'abuser' term, whether individuals are conscious of it or not, and suggest that this term perpetuates that kind of thinking," Kelly explains.

    EurekAlert! - Breaking News

  • For all its emphasis on hipster librarians as another example of nerdy chic, the article's title perpetuates that most outdated image of librarians -- the Shusher -- implying that while these new young professionals might be trendy and -- dare I say it -- sexy, they are still fussy librarians who want to keep it quiet.

    Nicole Scherer: Librarians Rarely Make the News

  • Any adaptation of Frankenstein perpetuates the contamination of the natural and the paternal enacted by exposing the motif of the fecal child inherent in Jehovan or Promethean creation.

    Patriarchal Fantasy and the Fecal Child in Mary Shelley's _Frankenstein_ and its Adaptations

  • The name perpetuates and celebrates the memory of the goodness; but the memory of the goodness lingers after the memory of the name is lost.

    Mushrooms on the Moor

  • The use of the word perpetuates a situation in which “non-fiction” is more “true” than fiction.

    Aleksandar Hemon discusses The Lazarus Project

  • Interest for a National March Day on November 3, 2007, has grown from the more recent tragedies — particularly the Megan Williams heinous act — taken place in the African-American community; the urgency to make African Americans aware of the self-destructive, psychological ramifications the n-word perpetuates; and the necessity to quickly eradicate the term from human vocabulary.


  • To this day its name perpetuates the memory of the dull, cruel bigot with whose short reign came to a close the ignoble line of the Stuart kings.

    IV. New Amsterdam becomes New YorkThe Beginning of English Rule. 1664-1674.

  • Band name perpetuates myth, originates from stereotypes

    The Post: News

  • Band name perpetuates myth, originates from stereotypes

    The Post: News


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