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  • adv. In a way or to an extent that is perplexing

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  • In a perplexing manner; in such a way as to perplex or embarrass; bewilderingly.


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perplexing +‎ -ly


  • Huffington Post says we "perplexingly" depict Sotomayor in an Asian manner-apparently not entirely getting the

    The Edge of the American West

  • • Sad news from Upper Bucklebury, childhood home of ma'am-to-be Kate Middleton: the minibus tours of the village and surroundings, taking in, among other formative locations, the church where she was baptised, the car park of her alma mater Marlborough, the Spar corner shop and, perplexingly, Stonehenge, have been cancelled.

    Esther Addley's Diary

  • Their halting conversations and touchingly described moments of connection turn into all-out confessionals and then – perplexingly for the narrator – gaping disconnection.

    Not the Booker prize: The Canal by Lee Rourke

  • Published on the same day as my own Wall Street Journal article on American Indian installations at several museums including Brooklyn, Johnson's critique seemed to me so perplexingly off-kilter that I felt the need to present an alternate view.

    Lee Rosenbaum: Native Americans, Brooklyn-Style: Family-Friendly, Deeply Informative "Tipi" Show

  • More perplexingly, there is an entire chapter on what the book calls "the prison of keeping it real," or the idea that black individuals constantly—and to their own detriment—measure themselves against standards of racial authenticity set by others.

    The State Of Race

  • THE GIRLS - This term is female retaliation, a smack down at men who, quite perplexingly name their male organs.

    The Many Splendors of Boobs

  • I will argue with you that movie reviews are generally equally useful, but perplexingly taken more to be gospel than game or music reviews.

    Tunes For Thought

  • Three thousand years later, it's perplexingly counterintuitive to me that, in the weeks leading up to the holiday that commemorates the exodus from slavery in Egypt to freedom in the promised land, we Jews enslave ourselves by intensively, seriously, and doggedly preparing for Passover!

    Angela Himsel: Prepared for Passover -- Not!

  • Unlike Maria, who deceived Edward for almost a year, Sand conducted her affairs openly, after she had separated from her husband—perplexingly, neither Maria nor Ms. Brackenbury seem to recognize the difference.

    Trying to Keep Parallel Narratives on the Rails

  • The most telling part comes when they discuss the mental wellbeing of the Danes and the Dutch – then remark: "We do not yet know why these countries are so perplexingly happy."

    The trouble with the economics of happiness | Aditya Chakrabortty


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