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  • n. Plural form of perp.


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  • One of the other roommates recognized the two alleged perps from a party at their apartment (they were friends of a friend), told the police, who tracked them down, and made the arrests, finding all the stolen gear in the process.

    Boing Boing

  • The main perps are the bicycle messengers hopped up on crank, and I don't mean the mechanical kind.

    Sound Politics: Do bicycle sales need stronger regulations?

  • Absent guidance and support from the regulators, the FBI turned to the worst conceivable source of guidance and support - the trade association of the "perps" -- the Mortgage Bankers Association MBA.

    William K. Black: 2011 Will Bring More de Facto Decriminalization of Elite Financial Fraud

  • Two friends also gave statements that Parker told them she kept a list of "perps" -- people she sought revenge on because they owed her money -- on her computer.


  • In Guerrero, there is a good possibility that the perps are the police or that they are connected to them and would walk free if they happened to get caught.

    Alaskan woman kidnapped

  • And yet our watchdog media seems to take it in its stride when the perps are their Democrat bosses.

    Sweetness & Light

  • It's interesting, because even though the coverage made no mention of sexual orientation, my first reaction is that the perps are your usual, closet case homophobes.

    Gay/Lesbian Forum

  • Boehner says putting the so-called perps on trial would revert to a "dangerous pre-9/11 mentality - treating terrorism as a law enforcement issue and hoping for the best."

    Alex Jones' Prison

  • (link) … you really just need to understand that the perps were aggrieved parties who had a legitimate gripe and a psychological problem.

    A year since the Wasilla Church Burning… - Moe_Lane’s blog - RedState

  • Meanwhile, Deborah Simmons writes in a Washington Times news story (!) that the killing is "the story of a city whose leadership wants to deny Second Amendment rights to its citizenry and business owners, while, at the same time, play liberal politics on behalf of the 'perps' who prey on ordinary people as they go about their daily lives."

    DeMorning DeBonis: June 25, 2010


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