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  • n. Plural form of persona.


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  • I think the satire of the actors and their egos and personas is playful, but the satire of the suits is pretty savage.

    A cynical satirical thriller with a heart

  • Their tweets tend to reflect their public personas, which is to say they're often bland and unrevealing.

    Baseball? Let's Talk Star Wars

  • The gap between the two personas is very visible in some of his doodles.


  • It is a testament to the tendrils of the internet that I write about a person unmet, those ghostly fragments of things that we call personas on airwaves of type and prose.

    outfoxed Diary Entry

  • To make sure their new software addressed the increasingly broad demands of 600 million Windows users, the Softies tested it with more than 50 "personas" -- imaginary people with elaborate profiles like Toby the teenager, Ichiro the IT professional and other stand-ins for you and me.


  • Conventional wisdom tells us that social networking sites, blogs and other social media outlets have allowed people to carefully craft online "personas" - essentially idealized versions of who they are in real life.


  • The problem with personas is that they don’t adequately consider the most important variable in marketing – human psychology.

    The persona trap (They’re lying to you)

  • Their personas are the stuff of legend, depicted ruthlessly and derisively in books, plays, motion pictures and television shows.

    Michael Russnow: Keeping Up With the Joneses in a Career: The Worst "Ism" Isn't What You Think

  • As smarter people than me said on the listserv, if you read these closely, with an eye towards personas (think Mark Twain for Samuel Clemens), you will quickly see that these two standards (which came out of the same institution!) are not similar, and deal with the idea of personas quite differently.

    FRBR and FRAD and RDA, Oh My

  • We all have different selves we present to the world, what Jungians might call personas, and what some others call masks.

    Subpersonalities -- Definintions and Origins


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