perspectiveless love



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  • adj. Without perspective.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

perspective +‎ -less


  • She had only seen flat perspectiveless pictures of a new-penny-colored moon, sent back to Earth.

    New Race

  • Being an exiled writer was attritional, and beyond that it was perspectiveless.

    61 entries from August 2006

  • Surely if we could recall that early bitterness, and the dim guesses, the strangely perspectiveless conception of life, that gave the bitterness its intensity, we should not pooh-pooh the griefs of our children.

    Archive 2008-12-01

  • Then again, even if many in ancient Israel did think that certain humans could experience that timeless and perspectiveless vision, that only points yet again to the diversity of scripture, for the Deuteronomists clearly were not very comfortable with that aspect of the Temple mythos, and rejected all attempts to blur the line between God and humanity.

    What Does a Progressive Christian Believe?

  • He saw a fish go by, from the wanness on his left to the perspectiveless distances on his right.

    Three Hearts and Three Lions

  • Granted, a person cannot be completely perspectiveless.

    Humanistic Nursing

  • Passing over them, seeming to pass almost through them in this strange perspectiveless view, were the shadowy forms of giant space liners, titanic streamlined hulls.

    Invaders from the Infinite

  • Never a very diligent reader of newspapers, there were at that time reasons of a private order which caused me to be even less informed than usual on public affairs as presented from day to day in that necessarily atmosphereless, perspectiveless manner of the daily papers, which somehow, for a man possessed of some historic sense, robs them of all real interest.

    Notes on Life and Letters

  • The Chinese garden and summer-house, the fruit-laden trees, and river with overhanging willows; the rustic bridge with the three long-robed figures passing over it; the boat floating upon the water and the doves flying in the perspectiveless sky -- who does not remember them all?

    The Golden Dog

  • She made no reference to Amherst's return, which was odd, since she was fond of her step-father, yet not significant, since the fact of his arrival might have been crowded out by the birth of the kittens, or some incident equally prominent in her perspectiveless grouping of events; nor did she name the date of her mother's departure, so that Justine could not guess whether it had been contingent on Amherst's return, or wholly unconnected with it.

    The Fruit of the Tree


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