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  • adv. While perspiring; with perspiration or sweat.


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perspiring +‎ -ly


  • Attired in the serviceable khaki of a convict laborer, a heavy-set man worked perspiringly diligent with cloth and metal polish on the brass rail that enclosed the high tension switching mechanisms of globe 819.

    "Power" by Harl Vincent, part 8

  • Eliza stroked her hair away from her forehead, then wiped the sweat of it against her own cheek; after all, his might have touched Bea's perspiringly.

    The Little Professor:

  • While the rain thunders on the roof at the rate of an inch per hour, inside the house it may be perspiringly hot.

    The Confessions of a Beachcomber

  • This chasm, which was short and steep, they traversed perspiringly.

    The Furnace of Gold

  • Even the natives themselves, guiding the heavy, unwieldy, treacherous cable round and round in the water-soaked tank, that only one turn should be lifted at a time, grinned affably and perspiringly at those of us peering over the railing at them -- grimy tar-stained figures that they were, the sunlight bringing their faces out in strong relief against the dark backgound.

    A Woman's Journey through the Philippines On a Cable Ship that Linked Together the Strange Lands Seen En Route

  • People pushed perspiringly for the shady side of the street, puffed and panted under pillar and portico.

    The Argosy Vol. 51, No. 2, February, 1891

  • There was a king, to be sure, but nobody could imagine the perspiringly earnest King Humphrey the Eighth as a tyrant.

    Talents, Incorporated

  • Miss Moynihan, on her very first day, discovered, perspiringly, that you must never mention the _Gazette's_ rival, the _Internal Combustion News_.

    The Job An American Novel

  • He wiped his shoes, caked with red mud, upon the seat-cushions, and apologized perspiringly.

    Free Air

  • By now the other chauffeurs, noticing the predicament of their brethren, were anxiously and perspiringly at work.

    The Sign at Six


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