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  • adv. Obsolete form of particularly.


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perticular +‎ -ly


  • While being a trek fan, I agree that Trek is not about blowing suff up (perticularly in Kirks day).

    Star Trek Plot Details Revealed | /Film

  • For them fantasy is a sort of by-definition * magically-rationalised* fantastic, bound to a perticularly Romantic aesthetic (or style or mode).

    The Great Debate

  • Beck… As a Brit that kind of humour is not perticularly funny and is rather cruel especially as the kid does not understand the joke due to his condition.

    EXTRALIFE – By Scott Johnson - I sort of want to drop kick this kid

  • And you didn't perticularly like Jonothan Stange and Mrs. Norrell no kidding!

    Archive 2006-10-01

  • We had a restaraunt rented out for the rest of the night, and so we partied, and I talked a lot of baseball trash to the 10+ volunteers from Michigan although no one perticularly likes the Tigers.

    Kyle’s Journey in Armenia » Blog Archive » A lot can change in a week

  • I never proclaimed to be perticularly good at this blogging thing - so my apologies for this belated, long-overdue update.

    Kyle’s Journey in Armenia » 2006 » November

  • Can any thing more perticularly appertaine to me, but thy right therein is as absolute as mine?

    The Decameron

  • I thought it would be something perticularly bad Ozzie, Eminem....

    The State of Christian Rock

  • I should have left well enough alone, but no, I call the bitchy parent back who had just left a perticularly nasty message on my voicemail while I was taking a most lovely of lovely steamy hot bath while perusing a 2 foot deep stack of National Geographics.

    madrigle Diary Entry

  • And is perticularly happy in compositions of two or three wordes togither, neare the Greeke, farre beyonde the Latine, which is one of the greatest bewties can be in a language.

    Defence of Poesie


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