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  • adv. In a perturbative manner
  • adv. With regard to perturbation


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  • Abstract: Theories of low-energy Lorentz violation by a fixed-norm “aether” vector field with two-derivative kinetic terms have a globally bounded Hamiltonian and are perturbatively stable only if the vector is timelike and the kinetic term in the action takes the form of a sigma model.

    Ripples in the Aether

  • One is to try to reinvent string theory a fresh, completely non-perturbatively.

    Guest Post: Joe Polchinski on Science or Sociology?

  • Count Iblis, the point is that if you have a renormalizable theory you can to some degree expect to be able to define it perturbatively, since order by order nothing undefined happens.

    Why 10 or 11?

  • That does not mean there is none, only that critical strings are under much better control, especially when considered non-perturbatively.

    Why 10 or 11?

  • Ruthless and violent and described as “perturbatively unstable” he quickly establishes his reputation.

    The String Kings

  • The question which do and which do not, and whether one can do it perturbatively or not, are very interesting open issues, not a lot is known about them currently. best,

    Our First Guest Blogger - Lawrence Krauss

  • No, I was simply saying that to my knowledge N = 4 had not been non-perturbatively defined.

    Our First Guest Blogger - Lawrence Krauss

  • It's silly because a lattice formulation is just one among infinitely many ways to define physics of a field theory non-perturbatively.

    The Reference Frame

  • Marcos Mariňo is going to remodel the topological string, both perturbatively and nonperturbatively.

    The Reference Frame

  • The second boundary comes from the need, for a well-behaved theory, to be "computable": a too large value of the Higgs mass makes the Higgs coupling "blow up" at large energies, such that the theory loses the property of being perturbatively calculable.

    Scientific Blogging


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