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  • n. The act of pervading; permeation, suffusion

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  • n. The act of pervading, passing, or spreading through the whole extent of a thing.

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  • n. The act of pervading; a passing through the whole extent of a thing.

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  • n. the process of permeating or infusing something with a substance


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Latin pervasio. See pervade.


  • Although there is certainly a difference of scale and societal pervasion, the scapegoating of American Muslims, by political leaders and cultural figures alike, is also both immoral and dangerous.

    Moriel Rothman: Threats To America: Islamic Law Taking Over! Jews Controlling The Media!

  • One step would be to address the pervasion of overly restrictive eligibility requirements for receiving unemployment benefits.

    Wonk Room » Getting Unemployment Benefits To All Who Need Them

  • KENYON: Eskander says it's crucial to retrieve the spy files as soon as possible because it will take years for Iraq to recover from the effects of a spying operation of staggering pervasion and brutality.

    Saddam's Spy Files: Key To Healing Or More Hurting?

  • It was also formulated as a nonwestern Indian nationalist discourse for the purpose of directing itself against the British colonial Western European pervasion of India's public and private social spheres.

    Radovan Karadzic's website and blog

  • The numbing cold interspersed with plenty of warming references to the lighting of the woodburning stove and that sudden pervasion of heat which happens very quickly once it catches, unless it's me lighting it, in which case expect to wait hours.

    Out Stealing Horses

  • However, although this condition is necessary for pervasion, it is not sufficient, for it is consistent with H

    Analytic Philosophy in Early Modern India

  • I will discuss mainly the definition of the ˜pervasion™ relation.

    Analytic Philosophy in Early Modern India

  • This is interestingly similar to the perennial Republican pervasion of our countries rough and tumble individual beginnings, i.e., government are always bad and the country should be solely under the control of the pig, pig rich.

    Holding America's deadbeats accountable for their criminal passivity is not passing the buck.

  • The reigning and radical defect of her character – an imagination that submitted to no control – proved not any antidote against her attractions; it caught, by its force and fire, the quick-kindling admiration of the lively; it possessed, by magnetic pervasion, the witchery to create sympathy in the most serious.


  • It is the pervasion of language that enables those who plunder the earth, which enslave the work force; and buy legislation from the law makers that legalizes criminality, to be called patriots or super patriots; while those who defend the earth from corporate marauders; who uphold and defend the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, are labeled unpatriotic or terrorists.

    Understanding Root Causes


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