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  • adv. precisely, exactly; used as an affirmation


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Blend of precisely and exactly.


  • I told him that bein 'in th' same tent with a whisperin 'infant like Yellin' Kid, wasn't perzactly healthy for sleep, but Four Eyes said he didn't mind.

    The Boy Ranchers on the Trail

  • "Allus had him, mos '," she said; "him or 'nuther one, perzactly like him, to lug roun' while ma's washin '."

    What Two Children Did

  • That's perzactly whut it says, an 'I'm one whut believes the Bible frum kiver to kiver.

    From Place to Place

  • "Well, he suttinly did tell me to remin 'him of suthin' this mohnin ', and I cain't des perzactly bemember what it was."


  • I tell my mama the truth 'most all time' cepting when she asks questions 'bout things ain't none of her business a tall, and she all time want to know 'Who done it?' and if I let on it's me, I know she'll wear out all the slippers and hair-brushes they is paddling my canoe, 'sides switches, so I jus' say 'I do' know, 'm' -- which all time ain't perzactly the truth.

    Miss Minerva and William Green Hill

  • Billy here's got the mumps an 'he lemme tech 'em so's I can get 'em, so's my papa and mama'll lemme do just perzactly like I want to; but you're a Jew and Jews ain't got no business to have the mumps, so you better get' way.

    Miss Minerva and William Green Hill

  • "It looks perzactly like a mask," announced Jimmy after a thorough inspection, "and yet it don't."

    Miss Minerva and William Green Hill

  • "You can do perzactly like you please when you got the mumps," insinuated Jimmy, who had seemingly allied himself with Billy as a partner in business; "grown folks bound to do what little boys want 'em to when you got the mumps."

    Miss Minerva and William Green Hill

  • "I don't feel perzactly right ober dis bus'ness," muttered Jethro, some minutes later.

    The Phantom of the River

  • May 18, 2009 at 10:10 am but see, that’s perzactly where I was hedded….

    Despite his best efforts, Fluffy was never able to - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?


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