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  • n. A unit of mass equal to 1,000,000,000,000,000 grams. Symbol: Pg


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peta- + gram


  • Boreal and subarctic peatlands contain approximately 455 Pg (petagrams; 1 petagram = 1015 grams = 1012 kilograms = 121 billion tons) of carbon accumulating at an average rate of 0.096 Pg/yr, and constitute a significant proportion of the total boreal carbon pool [6].

    Climate change in relation to carbon uptake and carbon storage in the Arctic

  • Each year, photosynthesis by terrestrial plants moves about 110 petagrams (1 petagram = 1015 grams = 1012 kilograms = 1 billion metric tons; so 110 petagrams = 110 billion metric tons) of carbon from the atmosphere to the biota.

    Carbon cycle

  • The increase in carbon dioxide given off by soils - about 0.1 petagram (100 million metric tons) per year since 1989 - won't contribute to the greenhouse effect unless it comes from carbon that had been locked away out of the system for a long time, such as in Arctic tundra.

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  • (A petagram is one of those mind-numbing measurements that has too many zeros to really grasp - 15 in all.)

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  • For comparison, one petagram is equivalent to about one million, million kilograms.

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