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  • n. Dried palm-leaves or grass used for plaiting into hats.
  • n. A mat of braided palm-leaf, used by the poorer Mexicans as a bed.


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  • Traditionally the small hill would then be covered with a woven palm leaf mat known as a petate, but now a sheet of synthetic product such as grain sack material is used, sometimes in conjunction with the petate.

    A connoisseur's guide to mezcal

  • A "petate" is a small mat about the size of a blanket, woven out of palm-strips, or bulrushes, according to the district; it is the universal bed of the Mexican peasant.

    The White Chief A Legend of Northern Mexico

  • Someone else is entrusted with carrying a huge clay cooking vessel with a petate (palm leaf mat) rolled up inside.

    A wedding and christening in rural Oaxaca: The mandate of tradition

  • On top of all is placed the petate, a large mat of dried reed, following which a sheet of laminated metal covers the entire pit so as to ensure that heat cannot escape.

    BBQ Goat In Oaxaca: The Pomp, Ceremony And Tradition

  • Some of the youngsters carry a costalito, equipped with a forehead strap and decorated with miniature articles like a petate and kitchen instruments, necessary for a long pilgrimage.

    The Virgin of Guadalupe celebration in Oaxaca

  • One day, as Lola lay at the edge of a field on a petate mat with a man, someone silently put an irrigation hose through the sheltering wall near them, turned on the water, and stepped back to enjoy the results.

    Three señoras named Lola - an excerpt from the book Agave Marias

  • On the outskirts of the larger village of Jocotepec, Nestipac then consisted of small two or three room adobe huts, albeit with cleanly swept dirt floors and roofs fashioned of straw petate mats, covered with tar paper and clay tiles or carrizo bamboo sticks.

    Calle Rico

  • We got to the market, my friends unrolled the petate at a good spot and we commenced to make little bunches of basil tying them with strips of dry corn husk that we had brought with us.

    Exploring Mexico's Markets

  • While sitting on the petate selling albacar I remember seeing a tourist couple walk by.

    Exploring Mexico's Markets

  • A petate (straw mat) denotes both the traditional bed and precursor to the wooden coffin.

    Mexico conjures spirits with picturesque ofrendas


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