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  • n. Diesel derived from petroleum (contrasted with biodiesel).


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petro- +‎ diesel


  • All forms of energy end up heating the atmosphere, biodiesel is just as bad as petrodiesel, solar is as bad as gas fired electricity as is nuclear.

    Scientists 'cooking the books' on global warming?

  • The cost of seed oil has risen dramatically because of the rise in petrodiesel costs to farm and the demand for ethanol as an additive to gasoline.

    Real Renewable Energy vs. Renewable Energy Credits

  • "We probably won't be able to replace more than 10 percent to 15 percent of our current petrodiesel usage with biodiesel," he says.

    Biodiesel Keeps Home Fire Burning

  • Incidentally, 200 miles per petrodiesel gallon probably means just that: only counting the petrodiesel.

    The Speculist: Kentucky Fried Jeepin'

  • Kantor, who paid $1,400 to outfit her VW diesel with a second fuel tank, says she gets nearly 200 miles per petrodiesel gallon.

    The Speculist: Kentucky Fried Jeepin'

  • It has very little to do with petrodiesel and more to do with being an american fuel for the future.

    Autoblog Green

  • Almost all of this fuel was petrodiesel - diesel refined from crude oil.

    D Mag - News

  • And because it's made from stuff that would ordinarily be landfilled, it has the lowest carbon footprint of any transportation fuel - about 10 times lower than petrodiesel and four to six times lower than biodiesel made from soybean or palm oil, according to a recent article in the journal Hydrocarbon Processing.

    D Mag - News

  • The company estimates that by replacing petrodiesel with waste-generated fuel, each of its plants will prevent the release of 10,000 metric tons of CO2 per year - the equivalent of taking 2,200 cars off the road.

    D Mag - News

  • That's not all: petrodiesel prices have once again dropped below biodiesel, there's no longer a price advantage to using the soy-based fuel.



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