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  • n. Rare spelling of phenomenon.


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  • There is another phaenomenon, which is parallel to this, viz, that acquaintance, without any kind of relation, gives rise to love and kindness.

    A Treatise of Human Nature

  • It is commonly found, that in accounting for the operations of nature by any particular hypothesis; among a number of experiments, that quadrate exactly with the principles we would endeavour to establish; there is always some phaenomenon, which is more stubborn, and will not so easily bend to our purpose.

    A Treatise of Human Nature

  • Even in our example, the essence emitting the many-coloured radiance, and refracted by the sunbeam, was one essence; it is the colour of the phaenomenon which is multiform.

    NPNF2-08. Basil: Letters and Select Works

  • Having had occasion to mention the particular situation of Monticello for other purposes, I will just take notice that its elevation affords an opportunity of seeing a phaenomenon which is rare at land, though frequent at sea.

    Notes on the State of Virginia

  • Precession was a new phaenomenon, and latins -mainly- viewed it with suspicion since it was not following "the tradition of the older calculations of Eudoxus and Meton" see Columella and Pliny elder.

    Astrologers angered by stars

  • A phaenomenon that is a clear consequence of the theory of irrational numbers.

    Red State Rabble on the dangers of the Discovery Institute's Plan B - The Panda's Thumb

  • The central issue is a phaenomenon as opposed to a second level phaenomenon upon phaenomena and their erroneous ambiguity in common language when not careful.

    Science Friday tomorrow -- Monkey Girl, Flock of Dodos - The Panda's Thumb

  • I pray you to declare it on every occasion foreseen or not foreseen by me, in favor of the choice of the people substantially expressed, and to prevent the phaenomenon of a Pseudo-president at so early a day.

    How Jefferson Counted Himself In

  • Happy is it for mankind that the appearance of the small-pox a second time on the same person, beyond a trivial extent, is so extremely rare that it is looked upon as a phaenomenon!

    On Vaccination Against Smallpox

  • Lady Bullford was thunder-struck at this phaenomenon, and the rest of the company gazed in silent astonishment, while the servants hastened to assist their master, who suffered himself to be carried back into the parlour without speaking a word. —

    The Expedition of Humphry Clinker


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