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  • n. Alternative spelling of pheomelanin.


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  • Importantly, phaeomelanin is much more stable to environmental conditions than eumelanin, hence the reactions occurring in the burial environment favor the preservation of phaeomelanin, revealing and enhancing the red/yellow color of hairs containing this pigment.

    Interactive Dig Hierakonpolis - Archaeological Hair

  • All hair contains a mixture in varying concentration of both black-brown eumelanin and red-yellow phaeomelanin pigments, which are susceptible to differential chemical change under certain extreme burial conditions (for example wet reducing conditions, or dry oxidising conditions).

    Interactive Dig Hierakonpolis - Archaeological Hair

  • Whether the conditions within the wood and plaster coffin contributed to accelerated color change, or whether this individual naturally had more phaeomelanin pigmentation in his hair is hard to say without further analysis.

    Interactive Dig Hierakonpolis - Archaeological Hair

  • The two most common types of melanin found in modern birds are eumelanin, associated with black and grey feathers, and phaeomelanin, found in reddish brown to yellow feathers.

    National Geographic News

  • The phaemelanosomes are rod-like and produce phaeomelanin, a reddish-brown or yellow pigment, while the eumelanosomes are more spherical in shape and produce black-grey eumelanin.

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  • Within this family, it is eumelanin that corresponds to the black and brown hair shades, and phaeomelanin that corresponds to shades of red.

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  • Melanin comes in two types: phaeomelanin (red to yellow) and eumelanin (dark brown to black). Press Releases

  • Highlights are something that happen in the summer, and only because I’m out in the sun a lot, and the phaeomelanin in my hair reacts funny with the sun. » Colored lights can hypnotize


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