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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of phagocytize.


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  • These apoptotic bodies and the organelles are phagocytized by adjacent cells and local macrophages without initiation of an inflammatory response as is seen in necrosis.

    Cell damage from toxicity and tissue repair

  • It is initially compared if fluticasone lotion is found in What Does Allegra Pill Look Like of pemphigoid jot calcification and phagocytized greenstone for the poverty of hyperkalemia.


  • Indeed, free microspheres may have penetrated into the inflamed CNS parenchyma before being phagocytized.

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  • Slide 13: MHC molecules and T cell function  Class I MHC molecules  Most nucleated cells of the body  Infected / cancerous cells display parts of foreign antigens on surfaces  Recognized by cytotoxic T cells  Class II MHC molecules  Dendritic cells, macrophages, B cells (APCs) display phagocytized antigen fragments on surfaces  Recognized by helper T cells  T cells that have receptors for self - molecules are destroyed  self - tolerance

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  • + cells in the CLNs, one cannot exclude the possibility that microspheres have been indeed phagocytized outside the CNS compartments, in the blood or in the CLNs.

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