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  • adj. engulfed and ingested as a result of phagocytosis


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  • Analysis of the interactions between Asbestos fibres and DNA has shown that phagocytosed fibres are able to make contact with chromosomes, often adhering to the chromatin fibres or becoming entangled within the chromosome.

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  • Opsonized merozoites are known to be phagocytosed by neutrophils.

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  • This process involves two distinct pathways for processing of antigens from an organism's own (self) proteins or intracellular pathogens (eg viruses), or from phagocytosed pathogens (eg bacteria); subsequent presentation of these antigens on class I or class II MHC molecules is dependent on which pathway is used. - Articles related to Scientists uncover mysterious workings of cholera bacteria

  • Light and electron microscopy analyses indicated that elongated spermatids were abnormally phagocytosed by Sertoli cells in Ehd1 -/- mice.

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  • The latex beads were extensively phagocytosed by the MEFs through unidentified receptors.

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  • The St. Jude team showed that when macrophages phagocytosed special beads carrying pieces of germs, there was a rapid movement of the autophagy-associated LC3 proteins to the developing phagosome.


  • The percentage of CD11c+ DC that phagocytosed labeled GL26 cell extracts (green boxes) was quantified by flow cytometry.

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  • Yamashita N, Matsuyama T (2002) Human peripheral blood monocyte-derived interleukin-10-induced semi-mature dendritic cells induce anergic CD4 (+) and CD8 (+) T cells via presentation of the internalized soluble antigen and cross-presentation of the phagocytosed necrotic cellular fragments.

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  • The findings indicate that amyloid is phagocytosed by the monocytes and remains intracellularly in a form that retains its seeding activity.

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  • The seeding material seems to have been phagocytosed by the cells since the AA-precursor (SAA1) was found not be expressed by the monocytes.

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