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  • n. Plural form of phagosome.


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  • This system essentially protects Salmonella within cellular compartments, called phagosomes, where it can survive and multiply. "

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  • Wild-type bacterium phagosomes expressed a number of proteins different from those infected with the mutant.

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  • Proteins on the phagosomes were confirmed by fluorescence microscopy and Western blot.

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  • In worms deficient in either sand-1 or ccz-1, apoptotic cells are internalized and the phagosomes recruit the small GTPase RAB-5 but fail to progress to the subsequent RAB-7 (+) stage.

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  • M. tuberculosis is taken into phagosomes but it somehow blocks phagosome maturation, and hence survives.


  • The mycobacteria survive, and even thrive, inside host macrophages - cells that are part of the human immune system and that usually engulf and destroy bacteria in structures called phagosomes. - latest science and technology news stories

  • Wild type Irgm1 strongly associated with latex bead-phagosomes while accumulation of Irgm1 (S90N) on the phagosomal membrane was much reduced

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  • Upon latex-bead phagocytosis, native Irgm1 rapidly re-localises in IFNγ-induced fibroblasts and macrophages to F-actin-rich plasma membrane ruffles associated with phagocytic cups, and remains associated with the phagosomes as they mature into phagolysosomes and become LAMP1 positive

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  • Irgm1 accumulated around the latex beads phagosomes (seen as refringent spheres) while the loss of the nucleotide-binding site completely abolished the phagosomal accumulation.

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  • Both mutants were absent from latex bead phagosomes.

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