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  • adj. Pertaining to government or dominance by males.


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From Late Latin phallus and κράτος (kratos, "rule, strength").


  • She attacked heterosexuality as inherently patriarchal and championed lesbianism as a means of the liberation of women from the "phallocratic" power system of the culture.

  • Here Gilligan himself is the oppressor: under the male gaze of Gilligan, Ginger becomes the Feminine-as-Other, the interiorization of a self'' that is wholly constituted by the linguistic con-ventions of phallocratic desire keeping in mind, of course, Saussure's langue/parole distinction.

    Morton on Imprisonment and Escape on L'Isle de Gilligan

  • Though, I imagine Mme Royale is pretty convincingly an iron lady if she managed to fight her way though the phallocratic French political scene, especially on the left.

    French socialists pick candidate

  • No sooner does the first woman candidate for the French presidency (and a seriously glamorous one, at that) emerge from the phallocratic structures of the Socialist Party than she manages to mess things up.

    Royal's international credentials already tarnished

  • Recently the feminist blogosphere was up in arms and howlingin holy rage for the fate of Nia, a mentally ill beautiful teenage girl who the evil phallocratic doctor took off her meds since her meds were working but making her obese.

    The Big Fat Carnival - First Edition!

  • If we wish to subvert the phallocratic order, according to Irigaray, we will have to reject “a definition of power of the masculine type”

    Feminist Perspectives on Power

  • Irigaray, for example, urges feminists to question the definition of power in phallocratic cultures, for if feminists

    Feminist Perspectives on Power

  • She referred to feminists as "pirates in a phallocratic society" and preached her version of feminist liberation, describing herself as a "radical lesbian feminist."

  • Your phallocratic remains will be pickled, then lost



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