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  • n. Plural form of phallus.


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  • A teaser: When she first visited in January, the phalluses were the size of rice grains.

    Duck Sex Evolution

  • One never knows. ps -- I had to look up "phalluses" ... just to be sure, y'know.

    This Is A Test.........

  • How could I describe Lysistrata to them—a play turgid with raw sexual jokes, originally performed by men wearing giant leather phalluses?

    Day of Honey

  • Fascinating, horrifying, and amusing -- oftentimes all of those things at the same time -- Powers 'celluloid world is one populated by midgets, bald chicks, and crazed men outfitted with monster-sized papier-mâché phalluses which spew torrents of goo onto the naked bodies of supine women, movies in which everyone has sex all of the time, and in which, most of the time, no one appears to win.

    Boing Boing

  • He has also added images of Adirondack chairs, drifting rafts, tangled brambles, a hotdog and empty canoes, some of which hover near or point to the scantily clad women like arrows or disembodied phalluses.

    Constructivist Criticism Laid Bare

  • Search hard, and phalluses appear among the squiggles though American critics sometimes confused them with carrots or rockets, and in 1961 the juicy Ferragosto paintings recreated the mid-August holiday with lurid colours and brown scatological smears, applied once again with the left hand: Roland Barthes aptly described them as gestures of "dirtying", "deranging the morality of the body".

    Cy Twombly obituary

  • Madame Jane's eye is caught by the paintings of giant phalluses that adorn the sides of many of the houses they pass.

    Blissful Transmissions

  • A 746-year-old fresco called "The Tree Of Fertility" is at the center of a scandal in Italy, after artists restoring the work appear to have removed several phalluses from the piece.

    Watch: Italian Art Restorers Accused of Censoring Phallic Fresco

  • Some art that took us aback this year included an acrylic painting of "Family Feud" by John Miller and a lifesize, pink silicone statue of Bashful from "Snow White" surrounded by phalluses by Paul McCarthy.

    At Art Basel, Sensory and Social Overload

  • March 21st, 2010 at 8: 10 pm this is exactly the kind of nonsense architecture needs to move away from. the amount of energy required to draw the volume of water necessary for this would negate any net energy benefit. moving forward, the iconic, attention-grabbing masturbation excercise demonstrated here will hopefully be left behind with the trashy Dubai phalluses and refrigerated beaches. pritzzz Says:

    Solar City Tower to Provide Renewable Energy for Rio Olympics | Inhabitat


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