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  • n. Archaic spelling of fantasy.


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  • "The most pestiferous and deadly Heresie of all others, because there is not almost any one particular erroneous and schismaticall phantasie, whereof the _Familie of Loue_ hath not borrowed one braunche or other thereof, to peece vnto themselves this their Religion."

    Notes and Queries, Number 43, August 24, 1850

  • In “At a Solemn Musick,” “divine sounds” of “Voice, and Vers” present to the “high-rais'd phantasie” a vision (not here called ecstasy) of heavenly singing, from which phantasy rises still higher to understanding of inaudible music made by God among men, which sounded “In perfect Diapason” until broken by “dis - proportion'd sin.”

    Dictionary of the History of Ideas

  • Bredde ynne the phantasie, & alleyn lyvynge there.

    The Rowley Poems

  • Echone yn phantasie do lede the Danes ynne chaynes.

    The Rowley Poems

  • The cruell Lawe of So - lon, is like to the phantasie and wille of a tyraunte, who, as phantasie and will leadeth, murdereth at his pleasure, whose will is alwaies a sufficient Lawe to hymself, as who should

    A booke called the Foundacion of Rhetorike because all other partes of Rhetorike are grounded thereupon, euery parte sette forthe in an Oracion vpon questions, verie profitable to bee knowen and redde

  • But for that in our maker or Poet, which restes onely in deuise and issues from an excellent sharpe and quick inuention, holpen by a cleare and bright phantasie and imagination, he is not as the painter to counterfaite the naturall by the like effects and not the same, nor as the gardiner aiding nature to worke both the same and the like, nor as the

    The Arte of English Poesie

  • Now touching the situation of measures, there are as manie or more proportions of them which I referre to the makers phantasie and choise, contented with two or three ocular examples and no moe.

    The Arte of English Poesie

  • And this phantasie may be resembled to a glasse as hath bene sayd, whereof there be many tempers and manner of makinges, as the _perspectiues_ doe acknowledge, for some be false glasses and shew thinges otherwise than they be in deede, and others right as they be in deede, neither fairer nor fouler, nor greater nor smaller.

    The Arte of English Poesie

  • Wherefore such persons as be illuminated with the brightest irradiations of knowledge and of the veritie and due proportion of things, they are called by the learned men not _phantastics_ but _euphantasiote_, and of this sorte of phantasie are all good Poets, notable Captaines stratagematique, all cunning artificers and enginers, all Legislators

    The Arte of English Poesie

  • He didn't want a big ocean -- just a kind of an oceanette with a seating capacity of five thousand square miles was his idea, and when he had done with his phantasie, the doleful dumps that rose at the psychical aroma of the hypothetical fried chicken and mashed potatoes of our dream, had vanished.

    The Martial Adventures of Henry and Me


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