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  • n. Plural form of phantasmagoria.


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  • Surely there is no illusion - there are only grades of reality; and what we call phantasmagorias are merely very fleeting realities, created by man, in comparison to the eternal and immutable realities which we apprehend with our soul and our senses, and which must be of higher origin.

    The Bride of Dreams

  • One of those phantasmagorias, surely, is television – something which Benjamin may be forgiven for not considering, but Bryson should not be.

    At Home: A Short History of Private Life by Bill Bryson

  • Precursors to the novel such as Gulliver's Travels or Gargantua and Pantagruel are plot-heavy phantasmagorias, anything but explorations of character, while most of the earliest actual novels, Don Quixote, Robinson Crusoe, Tom Jones, are either explicitly picaresque narratives whose characters never develop beyond their roles in the plots or tales in which what happens is clearly the focal point, not characters "relevant to me and my life."

    Realism in Fiction

  • "Instead, Anger Me is a pleasant but not very insightful tour of Anger's homoerotic phantasmagorias and pagan-dream films."

    GreenCine Daily: Weekend shorts.

  • As Borges says, "The greatest magician would be the one who would cast over himself a spell so complete that he would take his own phantasmagorias as autonomous appearances."


  • And somewhere along the line a story begins to coalesce out of phrases, facts, and phantasmagorias.

    There's no "I" in inspiration... wait, what?

  • Even Harry Kupfer, the prince of DDR postmodern austerity, looks a little silly compared to the perverse phantasmagorias staged by Herr Schlingensief.

    Archive 2007-01-01

  • Also included in this order of phenomena is the experience of the flâneur, who abandons himself to the phantasmagorias of the marketplace.

    Reading Machines

  • Corresponding to these phantasmagorias of the market, where people only appear as types, are the phantasmagorias of the interior; which are constituted by man's imperious need to leave the imprint of his private individual existence on the rooms he inhabits.

    Reading Machines

  • As Castle notes, the producers of these early phantasmagorias frequently presented themselves as intent on serving the public interest by exposing frauds or charlatans who preyed on those easily duped into believing their own misguided senses: ancient superstition would be eradicated when everyone realized that so-called apparitions were in fact only optical illusions.

    Smoke and Mirrors: Internalizing the Magic Lantern show in _Vilette_


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