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  • adv. In a pharisaical manner.

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  • In a pharisaic, formal, or hypocritical manner; hypocritically.


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pharisaical +‎ -ly


  • The lectionary indicates that this gospel passage be read at this time, and our continued tradition encourages parishioners to keep their eyes on the spirit of the fast rather than focusing overmuch -- pharisaically, even -- on its strictures.

    Scott Cairns: And One For All: The Profound Mystery Of The Body Of Christ

  • “What the great religious epoch of the seventeenth century bequeathed to its utilitarian successor was, however, above all an amazingly good, we may even say a pharisaically good, conscience in the acquisition of money…” This brings us back to Benjamin Franklin, who was imbued with this spirit of capitalism from which the religious element was missing.

    The Neoconservative Response Part One

  • However, will Your Immaculate Excellency permit me, will the gentlemen of the Christian Democratic parliamentary majority, which also is in solidarity with his offended excellency, permit me to answer these beautiful statements addressed to us without saying pharisaically later on that this is an insult to Chile?


  • Those who gravely counsel the fishes to abide peacefully within the net, and not to leap out pharisaically and schismatically because foul fish abound within the same enclosure, certainly show themselves incapable of appreciating the analogies of nature, whatever may be their familiarity with ecclesiastical affairs.

    The Parables of Our Lord

  • I was walking homeward in the early sunshine, marvelling, as people who accidentally find themselves up early pharisaically do, at the fatuity of those who waste the best hours of the whole day in bed, and revelling in the near prospect of a bath and my breakfast, when on turning a corner I walked into a hand-cart which was standing across the pavement.

    The Right Stuff Some Episodes in the Career of a North Briton

  • The buyer whose knowledge is in advance of that of the salesman is a party whom Mr. ---- and Mr. ---- and the remainder of the alphabet pharisaically admire, while they privily harbour toward him sadly unchristian feelings and views.

    The Book-Collector A General Survey of the Pursuit and of those who have engaged in it at Home and Abroad from the Earliest Period to the Present Time

  • When we returned to dinner, we found that Brandon had so far recovered as to become very hungry, very proud, and very pharisaically pious.

    Rattlin the Reefer

  • And now, when faced with the imminent threat of the loss of the very liberties that they have taken for granted, they glibly reject any personal responsibility to maintain said liberties for their posterity-and pharisaically excuse their miserable conduct with pious-sounding clich They even have the wicked audacity to attempt to use the Scripture as an unholy closet in which they might hide-the same Scripture that their forefathers claimed as an illuminating beacon that was used to conquer the darkness of oppression. - Latest Articles


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