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  • Then, referring to the phased-array radar under construction at Krasnoyarsk, I said, “I want you to know that we believe certain things you have done are contrary to the treaty.”

    Turmoil and Triumph

  • At its heart is a phased-array radar that emits radio waves that are partially absorbed between 100 kilometres and 350 kilometres in altitude, accelerating electrons there and 'heating' the ionosphere (see graphic, right).

    Boing Boing

  • The Raytheon-built FBX-T system is the same phased-array radar that was deployed to northern Japan with the US Pacific Air Forces in 2006.

    eucom & israel integral missile defense

  • All told, the facility can pump 3.6 megawatts through its phased-array radar into the sky, accelerating electrons and heating the ionosphere-all within a tightly controlled set of parameters.

    Red Ice Creations

  • I worked a Richie Hawtin show where the guy brought in his own phased-array system and we measured the SPL at 125 decibels down front and we could still hear each other talk.

    bass in your face

  • The phased-array radar is probably ten or fifteen years away from operational service—unless the government learned nothing from its twenty-year procurement ordeal for the Doppler.

    Storm Warning

  • The phased-array radar will provide a snapshot once a minute.

    Storm Warning

  • They rather like the idea of a huge robotic surveillance-panopticon blimp floating high above the target town – the trick will be making the entire hull of the airship work as a phased-array antenna.

    DARPA’s ‘Eye In The Sky’ | Blog | Futurismic

  • The ambassador continued at some length, going on and on about the history of the phased-array disruptor, managing to work in mention of the H'ratoi's numerous "sacrifices" over the last few weeks, and their deserved rights and the Confederacy's moral responsibility to acknowledge those rights, but what he really wanted, of course, was the Confederacy to force all ships in the armada to retrofit those disruptors.


  • Vivato is a company that demoed a super-sweet WiFi antenna that uses phased-array technology to lock onto (and track) the locations of all the users on its system and project thin beams of connectivity to up to 150 stations, which allows it to emit at very high, focused power, extending range without running afoul of FCC regs.

    Boing Boing: February 16, 2003 - February 22, 2003 Archives


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