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  • n. The whole set of phenotypic entities in a cell, tissue, organ, organisms, and species. This includes phenotypic traits with genotypic origins.


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  • AS THE FUTURE CATCHES YOU ..... is a good read and should be a WAKE - UP for the Mexican leadership and it includes interesting discussion of the latest bio-tech "phenome" GENOMICS and it's future.

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  • Named the Autism Phenome Project ( "phenome" means "all observable characteristics") it is the largest and most comprehensive assessment of children with autism ever attempted.

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  • Thus, as part of the FDA ven by the genomics revolution, will only further Modernization Act of 1997 in the United States, the underscore the need for epidemiology, to help us Congress created, and the agencies working map the genome to the 'phenome', that is, the together have jointly developed, a network of Cen - population manifestations of our genomic make - ters for Education and Research on Therapeutics, up.

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  • But in a fascinating new analysis, biologist Alexander Vargas of the University of Chile reaches a far different conclusion: that Kammerer was in fact the discoverer of a phenome-non called epigenetics, in which genes are silenced by — and here I'm simplifying, but only a little — experience.

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  • After all, there is no aspect of the phenome to whose determination the genes cannot be said to have made their contribution.


  • If your genome is the blueprint of your genetic potential written across 6 billion base pairs of DNA, your phenome is the resulting edifice, how you actually turn out after the environment has had its say, influencing which genes get expressed and which traits repressed.

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  • At a time when it seems that everyone and everything can be statistically verified, book groups are a completely decentralized grass-roots phenome-non with no national organization and no membership lists.

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  • By itself, each mutation is likely to make the phenome less rather than more fit, and if so, it will be eliminated in time by natural selection.

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  • This coherence embraces the genome and the phenome within organisms, and organisms and their environments in the biosphere.

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  • There is statistical as well as experimental evidence that the genetic information encoded in the organism, and the phenome that results from this information are interconnected.

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