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  • n. The character of being phenomenal, in either sense of that word.


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  • De Man's notion of phenomenality is compared with the idea of "material vision" attributed to him in the recent reception of his work and with ideas of mental "seeing" or the impossibility thereof in the work of

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  • In terms of phenomenality, the more interesting questions are along the lines of what is it like to be a thermostat.

    Matthew Yglesias » Influential Books

  • In other words, expression becomes a designative rapport between the intentionality of a subject and the phenomenality of such a transmission of information.

    Mute - ‘The Simple Expression of Complex Thought’: For a Media Theory of Expression

  • These various critical constructions of literary phenomenality reinstate transcendental models of mind for divergent ends.

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  • In "Seeing is Reading," Rei Terada sets out to restore a proper degree of complexity to the relation between "seeing" and "reading" — a binary opposition that, like "phenomenality" versus


  • CCM cite the career of Benjamin as another example of arche-engineering on the production lot of phenomenality, where this trajectory finds an ultimate articulation as a radical

    Seeing Is Reading

  • The materiality (as distinct from the phenomenality) that is thus revealed, the unseen

    Professing Literature: John Guillory's Misreading of Paul de Man

  • These substances are partless, unextended entities, some of which are endowed with thought and consciousness, and others of which found the phenomenality of the corporeal world.

    Leibniz's Philosophy of Mind

  • Levinas's text here echoes his 1961 claims about the face as expression that pierces through phenomenality.

    Emmanuel Levinas

  • Adopting (b) yields the ˜raw feel™ conception of phenomenality seemingly implicit in Sellars and Ryle.

    Consciousness and Intentionality


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