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  • adv. In a manner that is extraordinary or amazing.

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  • As a phenomenon; as a mere phase or appearance.
  • In an extraordinary or surprising manner or degree.

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  • adv. to a phenomenal degree


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phenomenal +‎ -ly


  • "He pitched once again phenomenally, unfortunately we only scored one run," Florida left fielder Jeff Conine said.

  • It did this first by remaking -- in the '80s -- the major downtown shopping street, a then dead pedestrian mall now known as the phenomenally successful and often imitated Third Street Promenade, and then by enabling -- starting in the' 90s -- the building of many five-story apartments (with retail on the ground floor), so that now the downtown has a large and growing residential population.

    Frank Gruber: Searching for a Fourth Urbanism, Part 2: Wherein I Find One and Describe it

  • Lancet editorial calls the "phenomenally successful" campaign that has reduced malaria deaths in Africa by 30 percent since the 2004 peak.


  • ˜presentation™ as equivalent to the notion of phenomenally conscious experience, as this is understood in other writers.

    Consciousness and Intentionality

  • The naïve realist is committed, then, to the claim that the kind of phenomenally conscious episode that occurs when one perceives the world is not one that could be occurring were one hallucinating.

    Petty Injuries

  • Since this naïve realist account of phenomenal character cannot be applied to hallucination, those who propose it are committed to the claim that the kind of phenomenally conscious episode that occurs when one veridically perceives the world does not occur when one is hallucinating.

    Petty Injuries

  • Now we turn to the idea that unified consciousness of contents and experiencing requires some kind of phenomenally evident relation among the contents of the unified conscious state (in addition to the contents being aspects of a single unified act of consciousness) and some attempts to model this relationship.

    The Unity of Consciousness

  • New research by the Federal Reserve and Boston University of credit spreads of 900 non-financial companies from 1990-2008 predicted changes in the economy 'phenomenally' well.

    Latest Articles

  • That woman is doing "phenomenally" well now, Dr. Frank Papay, a member of the transplant team and chair of the Dermatology and Plastic Surgery Institute at Cleveland Clinic, said yesterday. Most Popular

  • Other call centers are coming to look at how they've achieved such as phenomenally low abandonment rate.

    VoIP & Gadgets Blog


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