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  • adv. In a manner characteristic of phenomenology or of phenomenological philosophy.


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  • Things are going very badly for a lot of people -- economically, spiritually, phenomenologically (by which I mean that as a species we seem to suffer from the grief of temporality without evolving from that suffering) -- and others seem to have inherited more than their fare share of grace.

    Haven Kimmel discusses A Girl Named Zippy

  • It was just another in a long list of interesting, possibly relevant (and phenomenologically indistinguishable) solutions to the hierarchy problem.

    A Busy Day « Imaginary Potential

  • Exemplary treatises such as Isidore of Seville's Etymologiae explored the visual and aural subtleties of language as inventive byways for thought. 147 Whether visualized as letters and words orthographically transposed to the page of the mind148 or humorously sounded out as puns and onomatopoeia, language was phenomenologically conducive to memorization.

    Architecture and Memory: The Renaissance Studioli of Federico da Montefeltro

  • I presume the time dependent spectrum of radiation from a white dwarf being distentded like this has been phenomenologically calculated or estimated.

    Stellar Destruction Could Be from Intermediate Black Hole | Universe Today

  • Eliade, for example, phenomenologically relates the central channel or nadi of the human individual to the axis mundi of the cosmos Atlas holding the heavens in his shoulders in Greek myth, the "navel of the ocean" in Homer, Mount Meru in Indian myth, etc.

    Archive 2009-02-01

  • I would note that their existence is phenomenologically plausible.

    Inigo Montoya Addresses Fundamentalists

  • Your statement: "If matters of cosmology can be described phenomenologically, then so can matters pertaining to our salvation" does not necessarily follow.

    The Last Gasp of Inerrancy

  • If matters of cosmology can be described phenomenologically, then so can matters pertaining to our salvation.

    The Last Gasp of Inerrancy

  • In nonstandard cases like in hallucinations and illusions, phenomenologically the same kinds of states are brought about by different causal routes, and the qualitative differentiation of one's experiential state in such non-veridical cases is the result of deviant causal influences.


  • Confronted with such difficulties and many others, it is tempting to adopt a strong form of representationalism that openly admits the existence of phenomenologically rich experiences, while preserving the basic intuition and naturalistic motivation behind direct realism.



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