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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of phenotype.


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  • Plants are phenotyped continuously with the so-called moving field concept enhancing the statistical power of the greenhouse trials. - Articles related to Virus Ravages Cassava Plants in Africa

  • Cells producing interferon (IFN) - gamma or interleukin-2 (IL-2) were enumerated by ELISPOT and phenotyped by flow cytometry.

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  • A traditional search for a gene responsible for a particular characteristic requires using plants that have been phenotyped, or identified by characteristics.

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  • They are then crossed with others, and the offspring are phenotyped.

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  • Genome-wide association mapping is a faster process because fewer plants - usually in the hundreds - need to be grown and phenotyped.

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  • These considerations argue for caution in efforts to resequence around genome-wide associations and argue instead that genome-wide sequencing in carefully phenotyped cohorts might be a better use of resources.

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  • Given this development, the availability of thoroughly phenotyped patient and control samples is becoming even more important.

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  • A total of 508 F2 offspring of a HABxLAB F1 intercross progeny were phenotyped and genotyped at these two loci based on DNA isolated from tail tips as described recently

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  • Population Resources: Critical to success is the collection of sufficient numbers of rigorously phenotyped cases and matched control groups or family trios to have sufficient power to detect disease genes conferring modest risk.

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  • The 37 phenotyped strains with genotype information were from a study 40 strains and represented 805 individual inbred mice with approximately 10 animals of each sex per strain

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