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  • n. Plural form of phenotype.


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  • For Darwin, the only thing that organisms contribute to determining how next-generation phenotypes differ from parent-generation phenotypes is random variation.

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  • VKORC1 and NPY haplotypes based on their expression phenotypes and their correlation to drug and stress response

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  • Genes that are expressed result in physical manifestations called phenotypes.

    Fat is Not Your Fate

  • Until now, multiple disease characteristics have been termed phenotypes for COPD patients.

    Irish Medical Times

  • Many studies have previously identified genetic variants for gene expression phenotypes using custom and commercially available microarrays

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  • UAS-MJDtrQ78 flies were crossed while being maintained on food supplemented with either DMSO, HSF1A, or 17-AAG, a potent Hsp90 inhibitor that was previously demonstrated to ameliorate polyQ expression phenotypes in this fly model

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  • We analyzed one of these dominant expression phenotypes,

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  • As expected, we found expression phenotypes that showed a recessive pattern: where AT carriers are similar to noncarriers but differ from AT patients.

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  • There are also, however, gene expression phenotypes that showed a dominant pattern: where AT carriers are similar to AT patients but differ from noncarriers.

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  • To understand the molecular basis of phenotypes in AT carriers, we compared the gene expression phenotypes of noncarriers, AT carriers, and AT patients.

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