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  • n. The univalent radical C6H5O- derived from phenol by loss of a hydrogen atom

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  • n. A prefix which shows that the compound indicated contains the group (OC6H5), composed of phenyl and an atom of oxygen: as, phenoxy-acetone, C3H5O(OC6H5).


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  • •Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma has increased 76 percent due mostly to phenoxy herbicides; and phenylenediamine hair dyes;

    Samuel S. Epstein: Reckless Indifference Of The American Cancer Society To Cancer Prevention

  • The EPA has determined that 2,3,7,8-TCDD is a possible human carcinogen when considered alone and a probable human carcinogen when considered in association with phenoxy herbicides and/or chlorophenols.

    Public Health Statement for Chlorinated Dibenzo-p-dioxins (CDDs)

  • Fenoxycarb is a non-neurotoxic, phenoxy-ethyl carbamate which exhibits JH activity against larvae and adults of many insect species.

    Chapter 7

  • By contrast, nonyl-phenoxy polyethoxy ethanol, the spermicide in a popular vaginal contraceptive cream, produced obvious irritation.

    7 Medicinals

  • Like the phenoxy herbicides, picloram regulates plant growth, but the precise mechanisms involved are not known.

    Operation Ranch Hand

  • Also, although no research could confirm cancer, fetal deformities or mutations caused by exposure to phenoxy herbicides or dioxin, the report indicated that the topic remained open. 46

    Operation Ranch Hand

  • By way of illustration, in 1961, the year before the Ranch Hand program began, about 40 million acres plus hundreds of thousands of miles of roadsides, railroads, and utility rights of way were treated with phenoxy herbicides in the United States.

    Operation Ranch Hand

  • One important difference between picloram and the phenoxy herbicides is that it is persistent in soils whereas the phenoxy compounds generally are not.

    Operation Ranch Hand

  • However, the phenoxy herbicides (2,4-D, 24-5-%, MCPA, Tordon, etc.) cannot be removed with normal cleaning procedures, and contaminated sprayers may cause damage when used to apply pesticides to broadleaf crops.

    Chapter 12

  • Symptoms of phenoxy herbicide damage: Only broadleaf plants are affected.

    Chapter 12


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