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  • n. The univalent organic radical C6H5, derived from benzene by removal of one hydrogen atom.

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  • n. A univalent hydrocarbon radical (C6H5) formally derived from benzene by the removal of a hydrogen atom, and the basis of an immense number of aromatic derivatives.

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  • n. A hydrocarbon radical (C6H5) regarded as the essential residue of benzene, and the basis of an immense number of aromatic derivatives.

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  • n. An organic radical (C6H5; in the free state, C12H10) found in phenol (or carbolic acid), benzol, and aniline.


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From φαίνω, shining.


  • Phenylalanine (a molecule of alanine to which an atom combination called the phenyl group is added),

    The Human Brain

  • It would be another quarter of a century before scientists finally identified Carol’s condition she was suffering from phenylketonuria, or PKU, brain degeneration caused by inability in the newborn child to process a chemical called phenyl, a deficiency that can be treated only if detected in its early stages.


  • It is often listed as mercuric oxide, phenyl mercuric acetate, benzoate, bromine, chloride or borate.

    Deirdre Imus: Kiss My "Green" Lips

  • "Well I just came from the deconstructive unconference cumfy cushion session on Silicone the New, Better Silicon, or Regional Imposter, and they confirmed any class of chemical compounds consisting of long chains of alternating silicon and oxygen atoms, with two organic radicals, typically a methyl (CH3) and a phenyl (C6H5) group, attached to each silicon atom is a totally better, more collaborative API."

    Melbourne's Silicone Beach.

  • Both are based on a phenyl ring, but meth has a Methyl group, hence the name “METH”

    “Twilight” Heroin Drug Baggies

  • Formalternate is a combination of propylene glycol, ethylene glycol phenyl ether and phenol.

    Alternatives for significant uses of formaldehyde in Massachusetts

  • Phenol has the functional hydroxyl group that is then conjugated by a Phase II reaction (sulphation) to phenyl sulfate.


  • Or we could use all those phenyl rings in the lignin in lignocellulosic biomass to make hydrocarbons: or dehydrate sugars to furfurals using ionic liquids.

    Rabett Run

  • Phentermine, a contraction for "phenyl-tertiary-butylamine", is an appetite suppressant of the amphetamine and phenethylamine class.


  • These days, when sixth-grade science teacher Pat Farrell assigns an earth-science lab on measuring crystals, the girls collect their materials -- a Bunsen burner, a beaker of phenyl salicylate and a spoon.

    The Trouble With Boys


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