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  • n. A flat saucer-shaped Greek vase used for pouring religious libations: commonly known by its Latin name, patera.
  • n. Same as cantharus, 2.


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  • In the first case, in 1997, a federal judge in New York ordered the return to Italy of a golden phiale -- similar to the one that Hecht had sold the Met in 1962 -- that had been smuggled out of Italy and sold to financier Michael Steinhardt for $1.2 million.

    The Trial in Rome

  • Supreme Court refused to hear the case, the phiale was returned to Italy in 2000 (see "The Phiale of Achyris").

    The Trial in Rome

  • Attorney for the Southern District of New York [LARGERIMAGE] Right: Kelly and Radicati sign papers finalizing transfer of the phiale.

    $1.2-Million Phiale Returned to Italy

  • In November 1995, U.S. Customs agents seized an ancient gold phiale, a vessel used for pouring libations, from the Fifth Avenue residence of retired financier Michael Steinhardt.

    $1.2-Million Phiale Returned to Italy

  • Kelly noted the return as an example of international cooperation, while Radicati stated that Italy considered the phiale as part of world heritage and would act as its custodian for future generations.

    $1.2-Million Phiale Returned to Italy

  • After being briefly displayed in Rome, the phiale will be placed in a museum in Sicily for permanent exhibition.

    $1.2-Million Phiale Returned to Italy

  • In the case of five big-ticket items (a Song Dynasty head, Morgantina acroliths, Euphronius krater, Achyris phiale, and Marsyas statue), where we know the initial payout and the final price, middlemen received 98% of the money.

    Stealing History

  • Meanwhile, Vincenzo Cammarata, the Italian coin dealer who previously possessed the phiale, has been arrested in Catania, Sicily, on charges of conspiracy, handling or receiving stolen property, and Mafia links, according to Italian and English newspaper accounts.

    Phiale Appeal Heard

  • Five other people were arrested, including Giacomo Manganaro, the University of Catania professor who first published the phiale in 1989.

    Phiale Appeal Heard

  • The District Court decision was based on two points: misrepresentations on customs forms, which identified Switzerland rather than Italy as the phiale's country of origin, and consideration of the phiale as stolen property under the U.S.

    Steinhardt Loses Appeal


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