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  • n. Plural form of philandering.


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  • Their mistaken facts and foolish precepts are his, and likewise their imaginative absurdities and sentimental philanderings.

    The Kempton-Wace Letters

  • We do not throw away the grain and keep the chaff, nor do we transmit the "absurdities" and "philanderings" alone.

    The Kempton-Wace Letters

  • This romance has little in common with the furtive philanderings of Governor Eliot Spitzer with his high priced hooker, or Senator Larry Craig and his men's bathroom sex solicitation.

    Barbara Probst Solomon: Love, Politics and The Media

  • He deplored their glamour and their philanderings (which he knew about because the FBI bugged their phones), and was infuriated by their lack of deference to him.

    The Real Cover-Up

  • So can we really blame Gerard for his philanderings?

    Justin Timberlake & Cameron Diaz Still Not Splitting Up

  • The son, played by Colin Firth, has a lifetime of hurts to come to terms with: his father's minor duplicities, major philanderings and volcanic, magnetic narcissism.

    Arabs, Jews Duel,

  • The philanderings of her husband in London got to her so much that she took to drink-and was eventually put on long term sick leave and tragically died.

    The Dirty Past of Dr John Reid

  • The previous affairs had been emotional makeshifts at best — more or less idle philanderings in which his deeper moods and feelings were not concerned.

    The Titan

  • Rita, however, had not contemplated disloyalty — it had never occurred to her to be faithless to Cowperwood so long as he was fond of her any more than for a long time it had been possible for her, even after all his philanderings, to be faithless to Sohlberg.

    The Titan

  • In spite of all his philanderings, and the resultant qualms due to his fear of being found out, he prospered in business and rose to some eminence in his own community.

    The Titan


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