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  • n. friendship (translating Greek φιλία in Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics)
  • n. liking
  • n. a psychological disorder characterized by an irrational favorable disposition towards something

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  • n. a positive feeling of liking


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  • As mentioned in the first paragraph of this section, philia seems to be the kind of concern for other persons that is most relevant to friendship, and the word, ˜philia,™ sometimes gets translated as friendship; yet philia is in some ways importantly different from what we ordinarily think of as friendship.


  • But she was also his sister of spirit, the essence of the love known as philia.

    The Poet Prince

  • Even where the law of obscenity still performs a useful function - prohibiting various "philia" materials for example - the law should be recast as addressing the creation or possession of such materials, and not on the supposed effects of the materials on an audience.

    Archive 2009-07-01

  • Clearly, what he is concerned about is the kind of love the Greeks called philia ” and in his sustained consideration of friendship, as in so many other respects, Thoreau is

    Henry David Thoreau

  • A long cheek to cheek hug follows coupled with words of love being whispered into each others ear, again without the slightest whiff of eroticism, this is "philia" (love between friends) working at its best.

    Cross Rhythms

  • "The glue of the military ethos," he wrote, " is what the Greeks called philia - friendship, comradeship or brotherly love.... - News

  • Walker makes the disclaimer stating that "sex abuse in the broader society is more likely to occur between straight men and young girls," yet this ignores the fact that so-called pedophilia (a misnomer, in that it is the rape, not the "philia," or "love" of children) is a predatory behavior that plays no favorites with victims: "hetero" predators prey upon boys or girls depending upon availability, as preference is set by age and vulnerability, not gender. Main RSS Feed

  • - and even finds a place for his favorite suffix, "philia," in in gushing over Woody Allen's

    Paste Magazine

  • That they both have canine features is coincidence, or convergence, or evidence of some underlying phobia or philia I may have for dog-like things.

    Howard Hughes Blogs in Her Sleep

  • Eros was akin to what we call romantic love; philia was mutual likeability, friendship.

    Terry Newell: Looking for Love in Public Life


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