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  • adj. Of or pertaining to philopatry


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  • Vigilant parenting may also explain the relationship between female aggression and prospective fecundity of philopatric females.

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  • Alternatively, male aggression may reduce female fecundity indirectly due to a male trade-off between time spent on courtship (and copulation) and defense of a territory leading to a lower insemination rate of philopatric females

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  • As bonobos are male-philopatric, i.e. males remain in their natal group, and adult females occupy high dominance status, maternal support extends into adulthood and females have the leverage to intervene in male conflicts.

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  • However, despite philopatric larval dispersal and fission events in the species, no single population showed inbreeding, and the contribution of clonality to the population makeup was minor (only ca. 4%).

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  • The structure of the S. lophyropoda populations at all spatial scales examined confirms the philopatric larval dispersal that has been reported.

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  • It also presents a strong patchy distribution, philopatric larval dispersal, and both sexual and asexual reproduction.

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  • In the case of scaup, which are generally philopatric, pair counts in year t+1 should be partially dependent on pair counts in year t.

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  • And it’s philopatric, in the jargon of ecology—that is, home-loving, disinclined to make adventurous explorations of new territory.

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  • (22, 23), most likely associated with relatively weak male-male agonism in a male philopatric social system (22, 23, 31).



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