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  • n. Plural form of philosophe.


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  • ..first conjured up in the Age of Enlightenment by that gang of mediocrities otherwise known as the philosophes, not one of whom, by the way, was the intellectual equal of those medieval men -- Roger Bacon, Thomas Aquinas, Nicole Oresme, and so on -- whom they saw fit to impugn ...

    [great work of ages] proceeds apace

  • An Italian scholar, Luciano Guerci (a pupil of Franco Venturi), published in 1979 a well-documented essay, Libertà degli antichi e libertà dei moderni: Sparta, Atene e i 'philosophes' nella Francia del Settecento, in which he did show how complex the background of Constant's idea was apart from Condorcet.

    'Economic Sentiments'

  • He has sometimes been presented as a man of flabby character whose historical part was that of intermediary between impracticable French "philosophes" and the ruffians and swindlers that Martin Chuzzlewit encountered, who were all "children of liberty," and whose "boastful answer to the Despot and the Tyrant was that their bright home was in the Settin 'Sun."

    Abraham Lincoln

  • We turn to the eighteenth century, and primarily to the school of thinkers called 'philosophes' in France, for the fullest and most enthusiastic statement of progress as a gospel.

    Progress and History

  • He classifies both of them as "philosophes," a category they share with Lincoln and Jefferson.

    Politics :: The Atlantic

  • "philosophes" learned to think as Marxists in the 30's, then switched sides during the cold war.

    Discover Blogs

  • The philosophes, in particular, hailed this dragon-slayer of dogma.

    John Paul Rollert: The Great Infidel at 300

  • The common sense of the average citizen is the inferior substitute for the prudence of the gentleman, but it is still preferable to the Jacobin-like philosophes at Harvard.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » The William F. Buckley Clause of the Massachusetts Constitution of 1780

  • Interesting, there is no republicocracy or republicopoly, although, of course, there is the Republic, which should be ruled by philosophes, correct?

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Wishful Linguistics

  • She was a self-proclaimed disciple of the French philosophes , counting Montesquieu as her great inspiration and Voltaire and Diderot as correspondents, friends and beneficiaries of her largess.

    The Rise Of an Empress


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