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  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of philosophise.


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    An integral yogi who philosophises

  • He goes on: "Could it be that the difference between Ken Wilber, an intellectual thinker who mysticises, and Sri Aurobindo, an integral yogi who philosophises, lies in the fact that Sri Aurobindo starts from his realisations which he tries to express in the inadequate language of the mind, whereas Ken Wilber starts from his mental abstractions of his vision-logic realisations and tries to reach the essential truths in flashes of mystical vision?"

    An integral yogi who philosophises

  • When the lonely wanderer on the river in a canoe, or sitting in his hammock, philosophises over the perplexing questions of life, he is assisted in his dreary analysis by the gloomy and hair-raising cry of the mother of the moon.

    In the Amazon Jungle Adventures in Remote Parts of the Upper Amazon River, Including a Sojourn Among Cannibal Indians

  • Hamlet philosophises that the man who uses not his god-like reason is but a beast; for --

    Shakspere and Montaigne

  • Sir PETER, with a very proper admiration of the pleasures of life, philosophises with a full stomach on the ignorance and wickedness of empty-bellied humanity; and Mr. HOBLER -- albeit in the present case the word is not reported -- doubtless cried "Amen!" to the wisdom of the alderman.

    Punch, or the London Charivari, Volume 1, November 13, 1841

  • "When he thinks he is a child"; when he criticises he is a child; when he philosophises, theorises, _mysticizes, _ he is a hopeless child.

    Suspended Judgments Essays on Books and Sensations

  • The horror experienced on first seeing men bow down to wood and stone may give way to a complacency which ceases to expect an immediate response to the quickening and convicting power of the Spirit of God, and philosophises on the gradual emergence of light from the kingdom of darkness.

    The Fulfilment of a Dream of Pastor Hsi's The Story of the Work in Hwochow

  • "Then again, what is a wife?" philosophises the baker, Mokei Anisimoff.

    Creatures That Once Were Men

  • There can be no doubt that Shakspere, in heightening and deepening the theme, has obscured it, making the scheming barbarian into a musing pessimist, who yet waywardly plays the mock-madman as of old, and kills the "rat" behind the arras; doubts the Ghost while acting on his message; philosophises with Montaigne and yet delays his revenge in the spirit of the Christianised savage, who fears to send the praying murderer to heaven.

    Montaigne and Shakspere

  • Nowadays the forge is liable to long spells of silence, but Dan, who as young Dan has been superseded, philosophises over them, and talks no more about chances.

    Strangers at Lisconnel


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